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& many agencies

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... will know you

Stop being a stranger and be seen by thousands of international companies and agencies that can call you, hire you, recommend you, ask you or interview you, without wasting time, without monthly payments for less than ice cream costs.

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You also receive a Diva Premium Page with features for models, which help you improve your professional presence on social networks, without additional costs.

I need this?

Maybe all you need to get started is an opportunity to show that you really want to dedicate yourself to the world of fashion, beauty, catwalks, TV, social networks, photography, etc. All right, answer me this: How will you get that opportunity with so many beautiful girls like you looking for opportunities and with fewer companies hiring due to COVID?

Let me help you answer: with technology for models.

In this new normal, old agencies can't help you because everything is digital. Only Divacity is structured enough advanced to help you adapt as a model, influencer or artist.

How I know it's true?

This is a short summary of the manager who controls the promotion of the models:

Tony selected models for Elite, the largest agency in the world.

Tony has contributed many years in the misses elections for Miss Venezuela, the most important beauty event in the world, even more important than the Miss Universe, this being the biggest event technically.

Tony was a special guest of Miss Brazil.

Tony has been sworn in the competitions of IMEI, the famous Misses clinic.

Many friends of Tony today live in the United States and are successful artists.

Tony was called by Levi’s, to celebrate the anniversary of the famous Levi’s Strauss 501, American international brand.

Tony owns the world's most advanced model platform, Divacity.

Simple logic: your chances will increase if we start recommending you. Maybe you are not hired the same day, or maybe you are. The important thing is that from now on, your photos will be in hundreds of companies and not in your room, therefore you will have more opportunity to work, compared to those girls who stay in an unknown corner.

Should I hurry?

With the arrival of digital "new normal", your quality of life and your chances are reduced day by day. There are fewer jobs and you are running out of opportunities without realizing it, especially as a model and influencer, because there are fewer contracts and more competitors.

In the "new normal", you can become an influencer faster because everyone is on the internet, but you have fewer opportunities because companies are selling less and hiring fewer models. On top of that, there are more unemployed models looking for work.

Simple logic: hurry up or your competitors will step on you.

My guarantee

By signing up we give you a professional website for models with more features than the simple diva page. Even if no one hires you, we will give you that benefit. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity that others do not have, to work as a model or influencer outside or inside the home, with or without COVID. That opportunity that few have, is much better than not having any chance because you are spending almost nothing. In other words, if they don't hire you, you receive a professional website for models that costs much more than what you have spent and if they hire you, you earn your website and also your contracts with other companies. We have thought this so that you win or win, so that it is good or very good.


How does it work?

After paying below, click on AGENCY and then on CONTRACT. If we don't get jobs for you, you don't pay anything and if we get contracts for you, 66% is yours and 34% is ours. The contract is open, so you can join other agencies at the same time. You just need your premium account, which already includes the agency contract for only $10 and don't require to buy book. Yes, it is that easy and transparent.

Divacity is a digital platform to promote models and digital influencers, founded 3 years ago by model specialists Antonio Sánchez and legally represented by the DIABLOARTS firm in Brazil. Although the project is only 3 years old, it is backed by more than 20 years of experiences and previous projects in various countries and in multiple areas of fashion, beauty and art, which is why Divacity is currently one of the best technological platforms for models.


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